Wednesday, August 27, 2008

hui jean here, the nicest one of all three =)

Well, i'm back from camp. And it was fun. :) Sigh. And i'm really really really black now. Results of sunburn. :( Hoping my skin will become whiter, because wanteng's did, i applied the aloevera gel 5 times before going to bed yesterday, and another 3 this morning. ;)

Sigh. Very unlucky day. My precious book - BREAKING DAWN - which i spent 50 bucks on got wet and now the pages are wrinkled. :'( And when i went home, when i was going through my bag, i found my pretty flower-shaped hilighter :) and the covers were of because someone (you know who you are) kept changing the covers and didn't put it back properly. So the ink dried up and my bag was stained. And when my mum came home she scolded me like shit because that same person made me wear my scout uniform and wet shoes to school. It really wasn't that wet. But she just kept scolding me.

Well, i guess that's all.

Oh ya, ai ling, correction for the header:
hui jean is ALWAYS NICE. :)

hui jean :)

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