Monday, July 20, 2009

from our dear Nicholas

"Hey, everyone! Finally, after all those waiting, I'm here back in Malaysia and done a week of promotions! haha! Time flies huh!

It was really a rush and peak promo tour, but I'm really happy and had lots of fun with you all. Thanks again for supporting.

Especially last night in KL Showcase, I was really want to share more and sing a lot for u guys, because I could felt u guys given me so much so I wanted to pay back! haha! But we still need to do signing session, so need to finish at some points! haha. But it's already the showcase that I sang most songs! haha, and you guys really rock last night! We did a great show together!

Soon, I'll need to go Seoul for some TV shoot! Think we'll meet again soon on My FM event. So u guys take care and hope to see you all again very soon!

Lastly, you guys still amazing and love you all! haha! Thanks! Muakxxx


haha...i guess his english is not so perfect but it doesnt matter! XD at least we can understand =)

photographer: wanteng

photographer : weiwen

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